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Awareness !

Sometimes you lose the sense of reality and are overtaken by sheer nothingness !

Sometimes you forget where you actually are and tend to wander to a different world !

Sometimes you feel that life as you know it is meaningless and wish to be a different you !

Sometimes you know you do the best you can but still strive hard to achieve higher goals !

All these random thoughts, some happy some sad, travel through your brain like electric waves at lightening speeds.

Trance is that state of awareness where things move super-slow so you can differentiate between the various thoughts hopping through your mind.

In my experience travel brings me to that state. Wandering aimlessly or staring into nothingness brings me face to face with my inner thoughts. Everything going on in the outside world is just background noise.

2 thoughts on “Awareness !”

    1. Thank you so much .. ! I’m very new to this so really glad to hear your feedback .. 😊


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