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White Noise- Bloganuary 2023

From my misc-pics-box here is a photo from the highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze, in the Alps. Up there you can also cross into Austria. The top of the mountain can be reached by a new direct modern ropeway or by an old traditional train functioning since the early 1900s. One could also hike. But… Continue reading White Noise- Bloganuary 2023

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One step at a time!

Today's Bloganuary prompt was a tough one for me. 🙄 I looked at it in the morning but nothing struck me. 😔 During my short breaks from work, this topic was all I was wondering about and here I am at 11 pm just before going to bed, writing these words about not being… Continue reading One step at a time!

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The bunker in our basement

Apartment buildings are not very rare in Germany but they are definitely not as tall as the ones I have seen in Bangalore or Gurgaon. In fact when we were living in Wedel earlier, we were in a seven-storeyed Hochhaus, which is like a typical apartment building with 8 flats per floor, and it was… Continue reading The bunker in our basement