Destination Down Under #02 : Sealed the deal !

In this post series, I document my upcoming trip to Australia from inception to accomplishment !

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Destination Down Under #01 : An Idea is born !

So now that my husband and I had made up our mind for a trip to Australia in December 2017, the next essential move was to fix the dates and buy the flight tickets. We had decided we would travel together in December end and that my husband would stay for 2 weeks and I would extend a week longer and stay for 3 weeks.

We researched tickets for a long time before actually booking them. The fares were cheapest on Air Asia. But ~ 6 months in advance we did not want to book non-refundable fares. Sri Lankan Airlines was also quite cheap and also offered refundable fares but it involved two stopovers from Bangalore to Melbourne (Colombo and KL) so we gave that a pass as well. We finally booked our tickets with Malaysian Airlines as it offered convenient timings and a brief stopover in KL. The return fare cost us ~ INR 50K.

After spending the big bucks, I was happy that the trip was slowly and steadily becoming a reality.

What’s Next ?

The highly unpleasant request for leave of absence from work !


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    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ ! Its just so vast and I don’t know how much I’d be able to cover in 3 weeks !!

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