Living upto the name, since 1988 !

I am thankful to my parents, for a lot of things. To name a few, they’ve sponsored my education and made me a self-reliant adult, they’ve taught me important life lessons and the necessity of goodness, they’ve shown me beautiful places, bought me priceless things, they’ve given me a happy home and a memorable childhood, they’ve helped me stand on my feet and become an independent woman ! Basically they have made me the person I am today.

Apart from all of these very important things, one thing which I am especially grateful for, is my name, Smiti.

Smiti means Smile. Growing up, it was quite an unusual name (its not that rare now). I loved when people asked me what it meant and loved it more when people complimented me for it.

Most Indian names are very meaningful and I am glad that mine is too.

Many people confuse it with Smriti, which means memory or write it as Smithi, specially in South India. Due to this, while introducing myself, I compulsorily spell my name out loud. It sometimes annoys people, but its something that I cannot control !

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