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I fly higher than the skies ! {IBMC 01/10}

This is my series on the  Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. To know the answers to how, what and why, read my post : The beginning {IBMC 00/10}

IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge



This is my first post for IBMC. This challenge involves writing 100 words on one of ten given topics. I chose the topic :’Fly High’.

Watch as I wander and break all ties,

And fly higher than the bright blue skies,

Not an airplane or a bird, not even a kite,

I am the drifting satellite. 

~ Smiti ~


My childhood dream was becoming a doctor just like my Dad. Somehow things didn’t work out and I eventually took up aerospace engineering as my choice of study because astronautics and space had always fascinated me (like many others). But never in my wildest imagination, had I ever thought, that I would end up working on spacecraft attitude and orbit control and would be a part of several prestigious accomplishments of ISRO.

I enjoy my work and it undoubtedly fills me with extreme pride but I wouldn’t say that my life revolves around satellites.

I adore travelling and am fortunate enough of having found a life partner who shares this passion with me. Together, we aim to explore the world and make beautiful memories, one trip at a time !

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Not for Me


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