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What The Haiku ! {IBMC 04/10}

This is my series on the  Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. To know the answers to how, what and why, read my post : The beginning {IBMC 00/10}

IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge


This is my fourth post for IBMC. This challenge involves picking one out of the five provided Haiku’s and writing something around it. The Haiku I chose is:

Haiku 05
past hosted party,
gave future as the present,
present is partying.

I had the option of writing a story related to the haiku or continuing the haiku and form another poem or haiku. Before this challenge I didn’t even know what a Haiku was ! This is the first time I came across it so I decided that instead of building a related story, it would be nice to actually write a haiku on my own. I searched on the internet to learn about the composition of a Haiku. The 5-7-5 syllable pattern got me intrigued and I put my writing hat on !  So here’s my Haiku !

past has sailed away

never look back and regret

make way for present


present is worried,

jealous of past and future,

enjoy each moment


future wants to fly,

starting new from a clean slate

thanks present and past


future present past

the three surely realize

life is way too short


so promise yourself

make beautiful memories

one trip at a time


~ Smiti ~

P.S. Hope it makes sense. I’m new to this so looking forward to your valuable feedback ! 🙂

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