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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : September 07, 2017

This is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is texture.


Here’s my entry for this week:


I took this picture at the 13th century Hoysaleshwara temple at Halebidu in Karnataka, India. Its a 3 hours drive from my place and I’ve visited this temple a couple of times. I love returning here owing to the peace and tranquility that this place fills my soul with.

These beautiful temple walls tell ancient tales of culture and valor. This is a perfect example of monolithic temples and these walls are intricately carved with animals, people and several mythological characters. Alluring stories from Hindu mythology are beautifully depicted on these walls and a guided tour here helped me learn so much about my culture as well as this ancient dynasty.

Also, I loved taking some amazing photographs here and would surely write a dedicated post for it !

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