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Social yet alone ! {IBMC 09/10}

This is my series on the  Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. To know the answers to how, what and why, read my post : The beginning {IBMC 00/10}

IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge


This is my ninth post for IBMC. It involves seeing something with a fresh perspective,like a baby.

I was born in 1988. My generation has experienced a remarkable transition in life. We have seen the rise of the digital world and are continually trying to cope up with the ever-changing technology around us.

If I had woken up today as baby-me, I would be shocked to see the happenings around me. There are a lot of tings that baby-me would find strange and incomprehensible. But since I can’t go on and on about this, I would choose “social media” to explain my clueless-ness.

When did Facebook and Instagram become life ? When did it become normal to share each and every minuscule detail about your  days ? When did the word “friends” dilute to people who like things you share on the web ? When did the virtual family become more important than spending time with real people who care about you ? When did selfie become the only memory you would have of an occasion ?

Now I’m addressing this to “you” but present-me is as guilty of indulging in social media as anyone else !

When did the most social animal on Earth, become so social that it in turn became alone ?

The happy and sad part is that none of us have answers to these questions !

Thanks for tuning in ! Looking forward to your valuable feedback ! 🙂

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