It’s December already?

Hello there!

And… I am back again from another one of my long hiatuses (ughh..)

Is it just me or do you find it just as mind-boggling that 2020 is almost about to end? This year has been a rollercoaster. It’s given me happy highs and gloomy lows, but it’s been a special one for me.

2020 began at a very happy note. I started my new job as Spacecraft Operations Engineer at EUMETSAT. It’s been almost a year, most of which was spent teleworking. But I have had so much fun doing what I’m doing. I am working on something that I find interesting and am immensely enjoying this new phase. My familiarity with satellites over the last decade or so has helped me a lot to feel a bit at home in this new setting of operations. It’s new enough to keep me engaged and also familiar enough to not make me feel lost.

2020 is also ending at a happy note for me. My husband and I had been living long distance on and off for a while now. In the last 5 years that we’ve been married, if my math is correct, we have spent 3+ years in long distance, meeting over weekends, managing 2 full fledged households. I am so happy that we are past that phase now. Not only are we living in the same city, as a huge bonus we also work at the same organization now. Never in my wildest imagination had I thought this could be a possibility but great things happen and I couldn’t be happier.

But 2020 was not all happy stuff. In fact most of the months in the middle of the year are almost like a blur to me. I lost my dear grandfather Papaji to Covid. He was 95 and lived a wholesome life but it’s crazy to imagine him not being there when I’m home next. My parents fought their battle with Covid and it was one of the scariest times I’ve ever lived through.

So finally it’s December. I am happy that 2020 is finally coming to an end and hope that 2021 has better things to offer.

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