Los Geht’s! 01 – To go or not to go?

After having worked in India for nearly a decade, the decision to pack up our life and move to another continent was definitely not an easy one. In this post series I talk about our move from India to Germany.

Our decision to move to Germany, or anywhere out of India for that matter, was not a pre-planned one. It totally happened by chance. Both Govind and I were very comfortable with our cosy laid-back life in Bangalore and ‘settling’ in another country was not something we were very actively pursuing. I frequently heard about friends or family members moving to Canada or Australia with a PR and did look into the requirements just for the sake of it. My sister in Australia used to lure me into checking it out as living in the same corner of the world did seem like a wonderful idea. But the crazy sense of job security that my ISRO scientist tag offered made it very hard for me to imagine moving to another country without a job, albeit with permanent residence status.

We were clear that we would only take the decision to move outside India if one of us were offered a job somewhere. With the nature of my employment at Government of India, it was nearly impossible for me to be offered such an opportunity. In 2017/18 Govind was working on a project in India for which he was collaborating with the German counterparts from his French company. As his project in Bangalore came to an end, his German colleagues were looking for someone to join their team full-time in Hamburg. One thing led to another and after a few weeks of serious decision making involving numerous pros and cons lists we took the decision that Govind would accept the job offer from Germany.

The decision for me to leave my super stable job was something that came much later and I’ll talk about it in the next posts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. Feel free to comment or ask questions and I will try my best to answer them. 😊

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