Hello World…..

Hello World… This is what I type in the browser every time I want to quickly check if my internet is working or not. I don’t remember when I started doing this and didn’t realise when it became a habit. Maybe it started when I was learning to code, where Hello World holds special significance. Well if you aren’t a coder, you may not know this, but just like anyone else learning to write a computer program, this was also probably the first piece of code that I ever wrote.

Today I started the free WordPress course on Intro to Blogging. Why? Well, I don’t know. I started this blog in 2016 but I haven’t really been as regular as I would have wanted to be. I really don’t remember what was going through my mind when I started it. I do recall that I was writing some travel stuff here and there and somehow got the idea of starting my own blog. I don’t know why, but I was not convinced about starting a travel blog per se. Frankly speaking, I also did not know what I would really write about or who would read my posts. And here we are, five years later, with a few random posts, once in a few months, 100+ followers, 2k+ visitors and 5k+ views from all around the world. Ok, I know it’s not too many and definitely nothing to feel proud of, but it is undoubtedly much more than I could really imagine when I started writing first.

So, Hello World, here I am with my first course assignment about “Writing your first post”. Looking back at my actual first post, I remember I wrote it to explain the significance of The Drifting Satellite for me. I was so very happy with the name I picked and was really excited for the world to know about it too. It was my first ever non-travel post and, needless to say, it was supremely random. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself 😉

But if you thought things couldn’t get more random, brace yourselves!

There was actually a point in time, when I used to look for daily prompts to randomly write about something, but as of now, I have so many posts (or at least ideas) in the pipeline, that I am literally confused about where to start.

I am eager to write about space, thanks to my decade long association with satellites ranging from birth to death. I am also reading and watching a lot of space stuff, which not only interests me, but also fills me with humbling gratitude and probably enriches me with powerful perspective. I have completed two years of living and working in Germany and have so many experiences to share about “Leben in Deutschland”. I am meeting interesting people and making new friends but still finding it tough to cope with the idea of being so far away from my closest friends and family, especially in the times of Covid. The pandemic really impacted my travel plans in and around Europe, but I have made my peace with it surprisingly well and am enjoying wherever I get to go, even if it’s just to the forest in my backyard! I am learning German at intermediate/advanced level now and am falling more in love with it with every passing day. I think I am leading a much healthier lifestyle than ever before but I strive to achieve much more. I am obsessively segregating my waste (Thank you, Germany!), making my best effort to consume less, and trying to eat a predominantly plant-based diet to reduce my carbon footprint. I have become much more political than I was ever before, but I am not mature enough to have a proper debate with the opposite side yet because it takes a toll on me. I seem to like finance and budgeting and I enjoy tracking my expenses and investments on a monthly basis. I have come to realise that my relationship with religion has drastically changed in the last few years, to the point of somewhat non-existence in my life. What else?

Well, I think that’s enough random potpourri for one post. Call it wishful thinking, but I am really excited to see where I take this blog in the new year!

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you again very soon. If you do have ideas or suggestions, or things you would be interested to read about, from my random blabbering above or even otherwise, please leave a comment. Thanks a lot!

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