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There will be spring

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is


I guess I’m one of those trees which you can uproot and plant anywhere. I do probably feel stressed in foreign situations or may take some time to settle into new soil but it’s only natural, right? Once I get a familiar vibe, I can feel at home and rooted.

My parents nourished me for over 18 years and made me the tree I am today! We are still very much connected even though I have been wandering for a while. Then it was time to move to the hills, where I spent the next 4 years learning some tree skills, made a lot of tree friends coming from different parts of the country, met my partner tree with whome I am intertwined to date and made many lasting memories.

Then I moved to another part of the country, thousands of kilometres away and spent the next 10 years in a somewhat steady setting. Finally 2 years later I decided to move to another country and freeze in the cold. I think moving around keeps me resilient.

In all these years what I have realised is that even if I lose my leaves during fall, there will be spring and I will be back in bloom soon.

Thanks for flying by my orbit!

See you tommorrow! 🙂

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