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Bloganuary 2023

From my misc-pics-box here is a photo of the Ludwigskirche in Darmstadt Germany, the city where I live and work.

January 2022 seemed to be the most productive I had been with my blog for a long time. And it was all thanks to Bloganuary 2022, a month long blog challenge to write about a chosen prompt of the day.

In fact, I came across Bloganuary a bit late. I guess it was only around the 20th. But for the 10 days that I participated in the challenge, I was super focussed. I knew I had to write something and I liked what I wrote. Around those weeks I was teleworking and in home quarantine as my husband had Covid. I was so happy that I stumbled upon this new found resolve to revive my blog. Hovewer, eventually the motivation dried up and I got busier with everyday life.

Yesterday I came across the news that Bloganuary is back in January 2023, and I couldn’t be more excited! I know it may sound weird but it’s challenges and periodic prompts like these that make me write more happily. I do end up writing about what I like and what I am comfortable with or interested in, but these prompts and challenge serve as a much needed push and definitely boost my productivity. To be more specific, I have realised that what keeps it exciting for me is having a tangible theme and a limited deadline to bring out a post. When I decide to write a post otherwise, as in without a prompt or challenge, I not only take more time to write or edit it, but I also end up spending excessive time in proof reading and imagining different reactions to my post i.e. things that take me further away from what I really like which is writing!

The coming weeks and months are quite busy, both on the work and personal front. But I hope I am able to stick to the writing schedule of Bloganuary 2023.


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