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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Water

This is in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Water.

These pictures are from my trip to Ladakh, India. You can read about it in detail here.

Lakes, rivers and and snow covered peaks.

Pangong Tso
Those colours
Chandrabhaaga river
snow-covered Himalayas

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Water”

      1. The Himalayas!!!! I heard a lot about them in history classes…never been, though. (I’ve actually never been outside of my own country.)

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      2. Ya, the Himalayas are truly majestic ! This is farthest layer of the mountain range and I visited Ladakh two years back with friends. I used to frequently visit hill stations in my younger years as they are easily approachable from my hometown. But now I am settled in South India which is like 1000s of kilometers away from the Himalayas. Nevertheless, I get to visit at least once a year as my husband is from the hills ! 😊

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