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Howdy Neighbor :)

This is in response to the Three Line Tales, Week 84 hosted by Only 100 Words.

I found this quite interesting and this is my first time joining this challenge.

Here’s the photo prompt for this week !


So here’s my Three Line Tale ! 🙂

Howdy ! new neighbor, lets make a fresh start,

You are square and pointy, I’m bouncy and shaped like half a heart, 

But we will make it through, even though we’re poles apart !  

~ Smiti ~


9 thoughts on “Howdy Neighbor :)”

      1. Well, I know it’s a prompt, but I wasn’t sure if the prompt included you taking a picture as well as spinning a three-line tale out of it. Either way, those are very interesting houses. I’m honestly curious what’s going on with them, they hardly appear livable.

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