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Change is the only constant

At first glance, today’s Bloganuary prompt seemed somewhat pretentious!

Heavy topic, yet again!

I think working in the space domain brings me some humbling perspective about the universe and the cosmos. Some days I look at the big picture; Well, the Earth, with all it’s resilience has been here for ages, and will be here still for many more ages, so I think we humans are too miniscule to ‘change’ stuff. Other days I am disappointed seeing how much we have managed to change considering the tiny fraction of Earth’s history that we have been part of!

I try to live life sustainably and most importantly try to reduce my consumption. I do worry if any of it would even make a difference. But well, as they say, every drops makes an ocean! And that’s what makes me go further.

I have realised that making certain lifestyle changes that we undertook to live sustainably, require some extra money. For example paying double the price for getting 100% renewable electricity supply or spending around 50 Euros per month extra for buying fresh ingredients instead of pre packed and plastic packaged stuff. It could also cost more time and effort. Instead of one bins or two, we literally have 7 levels of garbage sorting at home (Thanks to Germany, it is an automatic habit now!).

The hope that this extra money or effort brings some positive change in the world is what keeps me going. But, I must admit, some days I feel absolutely hopeless with everything that’s happenning around the world.

I think that’s all I can say today on this topic.

Thanks for flying by my orbit!

See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Change is the only constant”

  1. No, Smiti, I think you are doing great! You are better than so many people who are living their lives, going by, without sparing a thought to what they are doing to this planet. With the way things are now, destruction and inhabitable Earth isn’t even that far off of a thing. Environmental and global climate emergency is a real thing! The least we could do is spare it some thought while grocery shopping.


    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Maryam. I truly agree that we all must do our bit to stop the worsening climate crisis!


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