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I’m happy and I know it – Bloganuary 2023

From my misc-pics-box here is a photo of some pretty flowers I received from friends on my Birthday in 2022. In absence of a vase at my place, I decided to put them in the huge 1L beer mug, our typical German souvenir, that we bought on our first visit to Munich and to Germany, as tourists, in 2016.

Welcome to Bloganuary, a WordPress Challenge I am participating in this month, that provides a daily writing prompt throughout January.

Day 5 prompt is: What brings you joy in life?

I saw today’s prompt after lunch and I said to myself. Well this is an easy one. That’s because I have written a similar post (happiness = joy) earlier and I don’t intend to ponder on this topic from scratch again as the answers are still very similar over 5 years later.

In 2017 when I was very new to the world of blogging, I took part in the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge hosted by Prakash. For this challenge I wrote 10 posts in 15 days following all the rules that are mentioned in the challenge.

The whole experience was awesome. This was one of the first times I was taking blogging seriously. It involved some really fun task and I loved those 10 posts that I wrote for this challenge. After I was finished I even did a wrap-up post where I explain what I wrote and link all my posts.

The 10th and last challenge was to complete the sentence

“Happiness is … ”

And this is what I wrote:

Happiness is .. a lot of things ..

Well this one might seem easy but there’s just so much to write.

Happiness can mean a lot of different things to various people.

But talking about myself, I can even say that happiness means a lot of different things to the many different sides of me.

The engineer is happy when a piece of code she writes works well without bugs, the wife, daughter, sister is happy when she spends time at home with people who love her, the chef is happy when her experimental dishes are a success, the blogger is happy when kind, random strangers tell her they liked and connected with her post, the photographer is happy when she gets a perfect click and some amazing feedback from friends and family, the foodie is happy with anything and everything that satiates her taste buds, the wanderer is happy when she travels and explores.

Last but not the least, the challenger is happy that she’s completed this marathon challenge. 


3 thoughts on “I’m happy and I know it – Bloganuary 2023”

  1. What a beautiful post on happiness! It’s so awesome to read from someone with a mindset similar to mine, embracing all aspects of their life. This was truly a great, upbeat read. You’re a wonderful writer!


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