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And its a wrap !

So, as promised, I’m writing a round-up post summarizing my awesome experience with IBMC.

For those who are new to this, IBMC or Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge is hosted by Prakash on his blog Its PH. I came across this on the Daily Post’s Events and Challenges Page. This challenge involves 10 interesting tasks that you ought to complete in 15 days on certain given themes.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing each of these posts and here’s how my journey progressed.


Even before starting on this 10 post long journey, in my 0th post, The beginning {IBMC 00/10} I wrote about myself and the challenge and a bit about why I wanted to do it.

For the Phrase A Paragraph Challenge, I wrote my first IBMC post, I fly higher than the skies ! {IBMC 01/10}, where out of 10 given topics I chose “Fly High” and cooked a small rhyme describing my blog name and what it truly means to me.

For the Freeze A Foto Challenge, I wrote a post Love is not locked ! {IBMC 02/10}. I chose a picture I clicked on my honeymoon in Paris and described my memories associated with it.

Next came the Risk For A Random Challenge, where I made up the most random rhyme ever in Haphazard musings of a movie buff ! {IBMC 03/10}.

For the Hunt A Haiku Challenge, I first had to read up what a Haiku was and then wrote my first few Haiku in What The Haiku ! {IBMC 04/10} and absolutely loved the experience !

Halfway through the Challenge, came the Not So Quite Quote Challenge, where I cooked up a short story in A tale of two friends ! {IBMC 05/10} using all of the five provided quotes. Frankly speaking, this was the most difficult one for me. This was also the very first time I wrote fiction and I am actually happy with the outcome.   

Next in line was the Mass Media Challenge, where using the provided random and unrelated poem, word and picture, I cooked up a beautiful rhyme in Crimson lake chronicles ! {IBMC 06/10}. By now, you must have judged that I am a rhyme person.

For the News and Paper Challenge, I chose an article on The Grand Finale of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and poured my mind and heart out in Suicide on Saturn ! {IBMC 07/10}. Since it was related to my field of work as well, I had an absolutely amazing time writing this interesting piece and loved the heartfelt appreciation I got from friends and family. This was undoubtedly my most favorite output of this Challenge. In fact it has given me motivation to occasionally write about interesting topics on science in general and space in particular.

Next came the Nursery Rhyme Challenge, where I picked Hush Little Baby and gave a new interpretation to it in No dear parents, don’t do that ! {IBMC 08/10}. I’m not a parent and I didn’t mean to be judgmental but somehow ventured into this alien territory and wrote a few do’s and don’ts for parents.

For the Be A Baby Challenge, I wrote Social yet alone ! {IBMC 09/10}, where I described my understanding (or the lack of it) of the importance of social media in our lives.

Culminating this awesome journey, for the Happiness Challenge, I wrote I’m happy and I know it ! {IBMC 10/10}. It seemed like an easy task, and I could have finished it in two sentences underlining how travel brings happiness to my soul. Well I wanted to write something different and with this post I loved expressing the various sources of happiness for the different entities in me.

And its a wrap.

In the past I had mostly written travel blogs and had thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’m extremely happy with the different content I created for this challenge.

I would also like to thank each one of you, who took out the time to go through my posts and shared kind feedback which motivated me to write further.

I sincerely hope that the blogger/writer in me never gives up and continues on this journey.


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