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Resilience – Bloganuary 2023

From my misc-pics-box here is a photo from the cute and colourful Sintra palace in Portugal that we visited in June 2022.

Welcome to Bloganuary, a WordPress Challenge I am participating in this month, that provides a daily writing prompt throughout January.

Day 11 prompt is: How do you define success?

The dictionary defines success as favorable or desired outcome but my definition is a bit different.

To me success is subjective. Someone fresh out of college may label a person with a full-time job as successful. That employee may label the CEO of his company as successful. That CEO may label a freelancer working from a beach as successful. I guess you get my point.

So success is being on my own journey. I wander around in my own orbit and once in a while I perform orbit raising manoeuvres to elevate myself to the next one. Success is more like a journey, not a destination. It is also not the absence of failures, but the ability to conquer the challenges I face with the best of my abilities. So to me resilience is something that is the most vital prerequisite for success.


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